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Meet the Writers of Men’s Culture

Men’s Culture (MC) is designed to deliver news stories, information on current events, relationship insight and wellness material to men everywhere.

We provide global news, entertainment, business and firsthand accounts from people on a variety of topics. With a professional team of writers, our staff is located in different locations, including the West Coast – with our main office in Chicago, Illinois.

If you notice, we are different than many of the men’s interest’s websites on the Internet. Our stories generally are in depth and provide fact based information on news and current events that you may not be aware of.

We try to avoid reporting too much on mindless junk and instead focus on substance.

Below you will find a brief bio for each of us:

mens culture block logoDr. John D. MooreJohn D. Moore, PhD

John is editor of Men’s Culture. He also teaches college courses in psychology and business at the graduate and undergraduate level.

His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Out Magazine, Wikipedia, Paired Life and The Wall Street Journal. Most of his posts contain a psychological twist, offering readers unique insight into a given person or topic. See full bio here.

He holds a doctorate in psychology from Northcentral University and a MBA from Indiana Tech. Look for thought provoking material in his posts.

Email: john@mensculture.com

Niklas Isaac

Niklas is an outdoor enthusiast and special contributor. He writes about a variety of topics related to men’s skill building and survival. Hailing from Oregon, he’s into all things nature.

Topics you’ll see him blog on can include almost anything; from how to survive in the woods to instructions on building a campfire.

He has extensive writing experience with work that has appeared on a number of established websites, including Upwork.

Email: nick@mensculture.com

Brian Lake

Brian is a freelance journalist who lives in San Diego, CA. He writes as a hobby, but is fully employed and works in the Government sector. He has collaborated in many occasions as an international correspondent for The Examiner.

In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. His interests include men’s health, physical fitness, fishing, exercise training, men’s grooming and medical news impacting men. He holds a Bachelors in Liberal Studies from the University of San Diego.

Email: brian@mensculture.com